Right to Become

Christian rock from Bucks County, PA


Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the heart and soul of RIGHT TO BECOME. The name is derived from John 1:12; “Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.” This is a phenomenal invitation and a free gift from God through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Telling the world about Jesus is RTB’s mission.

RIGHT TO BECOME was formed by Courtney Rains Loo. At age 9, with stars in her eyes, Courtney declared to her mother, “I want to be on Broadway, Mom.” She played the role of “Rumpleteazer” in the Broadway musical, Cats, and later became a stunt girl in Hollywood. But Courtney’s personal life was unstable and chaotic. She thought she could find love and self-worth by succeeding in the entertainment industry. While working with the biggest names in film (such as Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, and Arnold Schwarzenegger) and on the television show, Full House, she came to realize that true peace comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. After committing her life to Christ, Courtney changed her life’s focus to full-time Christian ministry.

RIGHT TO BECOME has had the privilege of opening for Shane and Shane and the Grammy-nominated group, 4Him.

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EP Available now!

Right to Become’s self-titled EP is available now! “We Give You the Praise” and “I Call to You” are included in RTB’s powerful first release. With beautiful harmonies, soaring arrangements, and biblical lyrics, this 5-song EP will draw you to worship God.


"If I were to look back and see all the wonderful people God has brought through the ministry of CLPRM and Conquering Grounds Cafe, the members of “Right to Become" are at the top of the list. Well organized and easy to work with, not to mention the AMAZING musical talent and vocals that God has blessed them with. They are truly at the professional level in the Christian music industry and I would highly recommend them to any venue or church. We are looking forward to having them again in the future."
Bob Sofronski, Director
Christian Life Prison and Recovery Ministries, Inc.

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