The Band

Courtney Rains Loo

Courtney is filled with joy and energy. But it wasn’t always like that. Like many people, she grew up in a dysfunctional home. Her escape was singing and dancing. At an early age, she auditioned and won parts in musicals. She noticed that when she was in a show, her family had a moment’s peace. So she made a goal to book as many shows as possible. This led to a starring role in the Broadway Musical, “Cats,” as Rumpleteazer. Eventually she became a Hollywood stunt girl for kids in TV and film due to her petite size (just a hair under 5 feet tall!). She stunt-doubled kids on Full House and Law and Order among others and worked with celebrities including Robin Williams and Arnold Schwarzenegger. But she found all of this empty. Then her sister, Deborah, introduced her to Jesus Christ. That’s when everything finally made sense for Courtney. She discovered the saving grace, the unconditional love and acceptance that only Jesus can provide. Now her desire is to evangelize the healing name of Jesus Christ to others.

Dan Secor

Dan grew up in a Christian family where he made the decision to accept Jesus as his savior at 5 years old. Dan briefly played alto saxophone in grade school before picking up the guitar at age 14. He has since played with numerous worship teams, including the Christian hard rock band, Son of Man. He’s had the privilege of playing at venues such as The Stone Pony, The Trocadero Theater, and the Christian music festival, Revelation Generation. He is a graduate of BCCC, where he holds associate degrees in music and graphic design. In 2010, Dan began playing with a group called Heart of Joy which eventually evolved into RTB, where he writes music, plays guitar, and sings. Dan has a passion for using music as a vehicle to spread the good news of Jesus.

Kevin Secor

Kevin trusted in Jesus from the time he was a young child. When he was in elementary school, he picked up his first guitar. His brother, Dan, gave him his first lessons and he has been playing ever since. Before RTB, Kevin played in various Christian bands including Son of Man, Heart of Joy, and Sojourn. Kevin is a graduate of Calvary Christian Academy and is currently attending BCCC as a music major. Some of Kevin’s hobbies include running and playing drums. He attends Calvary Chapel in Philadelphia. Kevin desires to use his talents for Jesus in a ministry that preaches the Word of God.

Ryan Secor

Ryan made the decision to accept Jesus as his savior when he was 6 years old. He began playing electric guitar in his early teens, at the same time as his brother Kevin. He later learned the bass and joined RTB in 2014. He also fills in with the electric and acoustic guitar. A graduate of Calvary Christian Academy, Ryan currently attends BCCC where he is studying to become a Physician’s Assistant. He enjoys running and weight-lifting. Ryan feels blessed to be a part of a group that spreads the gospel.