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Hi, Wonderful Friends of Right to Become!

I’m exhausted. LOL. I don’t know about you! But we have a gig and I wanted to be sure to ask for a prayer.

Please come out! It’s a free “Clam Bake”! Should be fun! Will you please pray for us? We’ll take any prayer you can think of!

I thought to start sharing some more personal behind the scenes stuff.

Ok! Haha! Here goes! We rehearse in my basement which we made into quite a professional space. That said, I have 6 cats and one of them has decided to pee pee down there. Ugh! Everyone smelled it including me. But since we’re limited on time on Fridays, we opted to push through and practice in spite of the stench (we are dedicated musicians. LOL). Afterwards, we found the area (the rug that goes under the drums!). So we spent the latter part of the day, as a band, tearing the basement apart and scrubbing. I have since shut off the basement to all cats and I’ll monitor them more closely upstairs. lol. Aren’t we a glamorous group? Haha!

Dan kept making me go upstairs and wash my hands. LOL.

So that’s the latest RTB band inside scoop! Haha!

Please pray for us!

Much thanks and God’s big love to you!

PS We are blessed to have Jessica Kulak on this gig with us on keys and vocals.