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Dearest Friends of Right to Become,

I’m writing just to encourage you.

As we stick to working for God, we are stretched and, with God’s help and grace, grow. It’s incredibly painful!! So if you’re in this place, we definitely sympathize with you!!

But when you start to “get” the teachings of God and start settling in to obedience, the blessings are really off the charts. Mostly, there comes peace. So please hang in there.

Remember, this world is not our home. Heaven is. We are passing through and it’s definitely a battle each day. Hang tough. We, in RTB, are right there with you in every way. We thank God for you and have great feelings of affection towards you. We’re a team and we are blessed by you. What a kindness to us that you pray for us!!

Regarding RTB, we’re back in the studio (see the photo!). Dan and I are producing an original single called, “On the Outside Looking In.” It’s my testimony to Dan’s wonderful music. It’s quite intense. But that’s how my life has been up until now. Lots of abandonment (no father) and childhood abuse. Ugh. But God saved me. And that is what the song is about. We’ve played it at our concerts and people have approached me saying that they have had similar pain and that they enjoyed the song. So we’re praying all over this recording in hopes that it will encourage more people. God’s love heals. Period.

I’m thinking of all of you today and I’ll send up a prayer for you. God knows each of your needs. Thank you, deeply, for your support and prayers.

With God’s unfailing love!!

PS In the photo is me with the 3 Secor brothers, Ryan, Kevin and Dan. On the far right is Tommy Joyner, our engineer and owner of Milkboy the Studio in Philadelphia, PA.

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