Monday Morning Meeting (5-27-19)

There is a phrase that I say to myself which I’m sure most of you have heard. The phrase is “get back on the horse.” The simple meaning is to keep on trying and don’t give up.

Let Jesus get you through!

You are not alone if you are experiencing dizziness, exhaustion, and even depression during what should be such a time of Holy remembrance. My goodness, the world seems to be moving faster than ever and I always say that everything under the sun tries to pull us away from God.

Draw Nearer to God

This has been a “Show-Biz” summer for me. I never expected to visit my old stomping ground of Hollywood and also step back on to the Broadway stage of “Cats.”

A Christmas Prayer Request

Thank you for always praying when we send these notes. Prayer is the glue of our ministry. And we remain fixed on our goal to be completely sold out for Jesus. If we don’t chat again soon, Merry Christmas to all of you! Jesus is alive!

A Thanksgiving Gift to You

Thank you for opening this newsletter, praying for our gigs, and supporting our band. We thank God for you! Please enjoy a special “Thanksgiving” gift for signing up to be on our mailing list.

Clam Bakes and Cat Pee!

We rehearse in my basement which we made into quite a professional space. That said, I have 6 cats and one of them has decided to pee pee down there. Ugh!

Kensington Outreach

Thank you so much for praying for our Kensington Outreach gig. It was the coolest city gig and I am very humbled thinking about it.

Encouragement and Studio Update

I’m writing just to encourage you. Also, we’re back in the studio recording our original song, On the Outside Looking In.


I just wanted to encourage you this morning in the Lord.